LUCID Photo Art: Blog en-us (C)Bonnie Heidbrak (LUCID Photo Art) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:40:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:40:00 GMT LUCID Photo Art: Blog 83 120 July 4th 2014 Today is the 4th of July.   I wonder how many of us in the United States will stop for a few minutes today and think about what this means; what it means for this country, for other countries in the world, for your community and for your family and for you?  I am sure that each of us will have a different perspective depending on our own personal life experiences. But I do think it is important to think about this.   Will you discuss this with your family, your children, and/or your friends?  

The picture I am sharing with you today is one that I took on a visit to Maine.  I was out wandering along the coast looking for what might capture my photographic eye.  This is what caught my attention.  I love the reflection of the dock in water , the calm ocean and the flag being caressed by morning breeze.   So take some time today to reflect on what this day means and think about this picture as you do so.


Morning Flag 9/11/11Morning Flag 9/11/11

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The Wooden Fence Don't you just love old wooden fences.  I think they are beautiful.  They have lovely textures and forms and the lines simple or complex are eye catching.... at least for me they are.  I think someday I will do a show about fences and wooden wheels.   I have shot these all over the world. 

Look at the beautiful curve in this section of the fence.   It reminds me of the fence a race track.... that is why I call it Leaning into the Curve. 

A wooden that has formed a beautiful curve all on its own. Leaning into the Curve


So this picture I loved because everything was lined up perfectly....except this one post.  But this post is beautiful in its uniqueness.  Just like many of the people in the world that I love.  They don't have the common path or line.   This photo is called Out of Line.

Out of LineOut of Line

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Pittsburgh Resource Center When I was in Pittsburgh, I visited my friend and fellow photographer.   We met about 5 years ago at a wedding in Maine.   From time to time we meet somewhere and take photos.  We are always amazed at how differently we see the same things. When I showed her my photos from our time together, she asked “were we on the same trip?”  I had to smile at that.   Just for fun we went to a resource store for used household fixtures.   I love this photo of the toilets all lined up.  I call it, Where’s John?  Hope it brings a smile to your face.


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Fox Chapel Garden While in Pennsylvania my friend and I visited a garden in Fox Chapel.  Actually it was more than a garden… there were trails and ponds and ducks.  Acres and acres of lovely green space, that offered a plethora of photo opportunities.   These two photos show some of the flora and fauna.  I loved how the light of the sun plays into these photos, first highlighting the flowers making it seem like they are bursting out of the dark background.   Then the photo of the Grapes of Fall the sun is providing back light giving a greater depth to photo.

Burst of DaisysBurst of Daisys

Grapes of FallGrapes of Fall

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Pittsburgh Wall Here is another photo from my trip to Pennsylvania.  But this one was taken in the city of Pittsburgh.   Here is a wall where the locals write on the wall.  You can tell that someone tried to paint over the words that had been written on the wall, but that just created a new canvas for these individuals to express themselves.    What would you write on this wall if you had the chance? 


Pittsburgh, wall, words, urbanWall WordsI love the different textures on this wall, as well as the words written on this wall in Pittsburgh.

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Welcome to my Blog and to my website. I am excited to start telling you about my photographs.   I started taking photos over 30 years ago.  I found, and have been told by others, that I have a unique perspective, but I think every photographer feels that way… and it is true.  We all see things differently and that is what makes each of us special.  I travel quite a bit and I am personally drawn to the interplay of colors, textures, shadows, reflections and light.  I am an artistic photographer… one of my teachers has always said to be an artist first and a photographer second.   These are words that echo in my head when I am off shooting.   I find beauty in my own back yard and my community, as well as, around the world.  I hope to show you what I see and at times tell you why something caught my attention.  

This photo was taken last fall in rural Pennsylvania.  To me this farm in the rolling hills outside of Pittsburgh shows what I would think would be a family farm that has been passed down through generations, hence the name “Steeped in Tradition”.  I don’t know if that is true, but that is the story that came to me as I shot this photo.  The fall colors, the rolling hills, the house, barn and the family cemetery are what caught my attention.  What catches your attention.?


Steeped in TraditionSteeped in Tradition


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